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For Better or Worse? 17th June 2016

People of Britain, you will soon be making the biggest decision of your life. It's not getting married, or having children or winning the lottery - it's the Euro Referendum on Thursday 23rd June.

If the voting public decide that the UK remains a part of Europe, then life will carry on pretty much as it has done for the last few decades. If the vote to leave wins, then big changes may follow. Who knows what the changes will be - for better or for worse - just like your marriage vows, but possibly feeling more like a divorce - from the EU.

LEAVE has by far the biggest implications - not just for the UK but for the rest of Europe and for the future of the EU. There are 2 significant things to note about a typical "leave" Brexiteer.

1. They may be very passionate about their country but highly charged propoganda-style campaigns, almost edging on the racist domain, seem to leave an indelibly strong impact on the minds of people who say they "want Britain back".

2. There will be a high turn-out for this vote. A lot of people in the leave camp have such strong feelings that they are determined to make their vote count. But alas, the vast majority of them have failed to use their vote in many previous local and general elections. Complacency and Apathy have affected the history of out political road-map.

Now the battle is fierce, and who will win? It's very close.

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Boots Opticians in trouble in Blue Light Filter claim 18th April 2016

A Boots advert in January stated a claim “Have you seen the light? Did you know that some blue light, from smartphone screens to sunshine, can affect your eyes? Luckily Boots Opticians can help. For £70, Boots Protect Plus Blue lenses come with a special finish that filters out the harmful blue light and eases eye strain and fatigue”.

The advert was banned by the ASA (Advertisng Standards Agency) but Boots Opticians are still selling the blue lens treatments, despite having no proof that "harmful blue light" exists and causes damage to retinal cells nor that Boots Protect Plus Blue lenses protected against blue light from the sources claimed.

Customers need to be aware that this "extra" will cost you £70 and Boots will be happy to offer, promote and sell it, despite its unproven eye-health claims.

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How Sweet? 15th April 2016

People keep telling us what we should eat, how we should live, and how bad we are at keeping ourselves healthy and safe. Now UK food and drink producers are helping us out - by adding on their labels advice like "Eat this ONCE A WEEK only". We now have a sugar tax and warning labels saying how much exercise is required as your penalty for consuming stuff you enjoy eating.

How far is this practice of bypassing our own brains and initiative going to go? Isn't it up to parents or individuals (if they are old enough) to regulate what and how much goes into their body? Are people so stupid that they can't work out for themselves what is good for them, and what needs to be taken in moderation?

I don't want artificial sweeteners added to my bottled drink - I would rather drink less of it and have a slight taste of real sugar. Got to be better than chemical based additives.

It saddens me to think that our peers are unable to consider the consequences of what they eat, and to be told that they don't have the gumption to moderate their intake. Now it seems we need the nanny state to spell it all out in clear detail.

We're going to need considerably bigger labels.

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Your top 10 questions about Brexit answered 10th April 2016

The campaign has kicked off for one of Britain’s most momentous votes in at least a generation. The June 23 referendum on whether the country should leave the EU. Many voters and interested onlookers in Britain and beyond have questions about what Brexit means and what consequences it would have.

Here the FT endeavours to answer some of the queries on Google Trends about the EU referendum and Britain’s relationship with the Euro bloc.
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