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ONLINE DATING - Frequently Asked Questions.
 Help and Advice about Online Dating Services. Choosing the right Dating Site.
 If you follow some basic rules you will enjoy your online dating experience so much more. We don't want to be kill-joys, but just remember, not everyone uses the Internet honestly. All the dating sites we feature are safe and thoroughly dependable, but no-one can ever guarantee that whoever you meet online is exactly honest, or even who they claim to be. Beware at all times.
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Be Safe.
It's important to consider is your personal safety. Unfortunately you often don't ever completely know who you're interacting with until you've met someone in the "flesh". It's not really possible to fall in love with someone you've only communicated with online. Take care - Internet Dating Sites can be targeted by a few of scrupulous individuals, who are not who they pretend to be. Don't get paranoid though - most people looking for friends online are just like you, and basically trustworthy. Having said that, online dating services can be safe and enjoyable as long as you follow take care and protect your own safety. Don't ever be bullied into giving out any information which makes you feel uncomfortable. You will find that honest dating service members will appreciate you taking an interest in your safety. It adds to the general safety of online dating services globally.

Basic Rules on Safety.
Never give out your personal details.
If someone asks to talk to you by phone, don't give out your number. Get their number instead.
Protect yourself. Don't trust anyone 100% - you don't really know them until you have met face to face.
Never arrange to meet someone alone that you've met online. Go with someone else or in a group of people.
Make use of organised singles events in your area that are organised by some dating services.
If you are meeting with someone, you'll probably be nervous. Don't drink too much alcohol to calm your nerves.
Be wary of exaggerations, claims or information that seem too good to be true.
Never be persuaded to do anything you're not completely comfortable with.
Never send money or bank account details to someone you have met online - no matter how much you think you know them.
If you've never actually met them you cannot be sure they are actually who they say they are.
If in doubt, run their name, or other details through a Google search to see if they could be a known "scammer".

All the Dating Sites we list work hard to ensure that they provide a safe environment for clients like you.
You are often given further information on staying safe once you've joined.

Choosing the right Dating Agency.

The right type of members.
Looking for a site with the right type of members is important because you will be using the service to meet new people. In fact other people will be using the same service to meet you. Choose a site that covers your locality, with a significantly high membership of the right sex and age range to give you the best possible choice. You will set up a "profile" to ensure that the people who decide to get in contact with you are actually ďyour kind of people.Ē So if you can work out what kind of people the site is attracting in the first place, that helps. Take a look at the site and see if the people that are currently using it appeal to you.

Membership Cost.
You will see lots of sites offering FREE membership. Remember, there is no such thing as a good free dating service. If it's Free - it's probably not worth bothering with. Dating sites are in business to make money. However, subscription costs are normally extremely good value for money. In most cases you won't be paying an annual fee - most people use dating services to meet someone, and after that they will continue communicating by other means such as email or even by phone if things are going well. But some people enjoy using dating services to flirt or chat and not take their relationships further, and are willing to continue paying a fee and consider that the cost is worth it. Remember, it's a good sign if subscriptions cost more, as the people using the service will most likely be genuine people with the genuine intention of forming new relationships. Many sites donít require you to sign up for a whole year, so try it out for a month and then if you donít like it you donít have to continue paying.

Free Trials.
Most good dating sites offer a free trial period. This means they may not allow you to access all the advance features, but it will allow you try it and see if you like it. You should take advantage of free trials, but check out what the cost is once the trial ends.

Check out what features you will be able to utilise - email, chat rooms, voice, video, webcam and mobile phones. Don't be put off if you donít own a webcam or microphone. You may feel it's a worthwhile tool to buy later on.

Search Facilities.
Search Facilities enable you to match-make, which can be very good. If you donít have a lot of time or you donít have much luck in your own selections, then make sure the site you choose supports some form of match-making.

Offline Events.
Many larger dating sites organise off-line events so that members can get together. These are always great fun and the right setting for meeting new people. Theyíre also perfect for moving your online relationships to off-line, in safety. You may not feel this is very useful, but think ahead - you might find this the ideal option to fulfil your dating experience.

Your profile.
This is your marketing tool, and is the most important thing to put some thought into and get it right. It will be the key to finding the right mate. Your profile will be the first impression you give to someone finding your details on the dating site. Be careful not to lie about your looks, likes and achievements - but concentrate on the positives, and skim over the negatives. Sell yourself - even get someone else to write a profile for you - they will not be as self critical about you as your may be about yourself.

Contact Information.
Never reveal any personal contact information when creating your profile except for your email address, which will be required. Create a separate email account specifically for your dating service. Use Email such as Codehot Email for this.

Your Photograph.
Your picture is the first aspect of your profile people will notice. Choose a good photo - don't make do with a poor quality picture. Take a photo specifically for your profile - have a laugh - it's not a passport photo. Try to be yourself and as natural as possible. You'll look more approachable if you're relaxed. Take care with the photo-shoot - if the light is too harsh it will show up those imperfections you'd rather hide. Soft window light is good. Face slightly sideways on to the camera and then turn your head in. It's worth filling a whole film full of photo's of you. You're more likely to get one you like.

Your Opening Line.
Some dating sites let you to create your own opening line which is used to "lead in" to your more detailed profile. This is a key element - because people must feel interested enough to learn more about you after reading your opening line. The best way to do this is to write something witty, or eye catching, with an air of mystique. Be honest though, don't try to be something you're not in order to attract people. Inject some humour into your answers if possible. Don't give too much away - leave them wanting more.

Finding your match.
It's easy to find other people you're interested in, but tread carefully. All may not be as it first seems. You've done the initial work - written a profile, an opening line and added a superb photo of yourself. Then all the interested parties come flooding in, hopefully. This is not the time to give up, or not be afraid to, or bothered about replying. You need to support the online community to which you have now become a part of. There's nothing more frustrating than waiting for someone to reply. Even if you don't like the sound of someone who's contacted you a simple reply outlining your response is all that's required. Treat others as you'd like to be treated - with dignity and respect, but don't lead people on if it's clear they are not for you. Make sure you don't sit back and do nothing, because you'll get much more out of the experience if you really get stuck into it.

Talking by phone for the first time with someone you've been talking to online can be a nerve racking experience. You will find that some people will be eager to call you quite early on. Don't do this until you are feeling really comfortable with the person online first. There's just no need to take it offline until you're really ready. When talking on the phone for the first time you should still remain cautious. Listen hard to what the other person is saying - does what you're hearing add up to what you've previously been told online? Don't let anyone force you into giving out too many details. If they really care about you then they will understand. If you're not too good at conversation and want to avoid uncomfortable silences, why not write a small plan of some things that you'd like to talk about. By then end of your first phone call you should be feeling a little more relaxed. From then on - it's up to you - but make it an experience to enjoy. I'm sure you will.

Important Note - Code Hot bring you the latest information on online dating sites. However, details can change regularly so please carefully check each sites details and conditions before you apply. Code Hot are not responsible for partners content.
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