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Advertising Gems
A collection of clever photographs from Advertisng Agencies. These are the ideas you wish you'd have thought of. Some of the photo's are a little contrived - others are sheer brilliance. If you see more Advertising Gems you'd like us to include please send them on to us.


Advertising Gems

Amazing Photograph?
Look at this intriguing image of the Earth photographed from The Columbia during its final voyage. The picture shows Europe and Africa while the sun was setting. Half of the picture is in night. See more >>>


The Earth
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Hydrogenated Fat - Good or Bad?

Many processed foods contain hydrogenated fat or hydrogenated vegetable oil and these ingredients contribute to the calorie content of food, making it unsuitable if you’re trying to lose weight. But worse than this, foods containing these ingredients also contain trans fats – and these are thought to be as harmful to heart health as saturated fat.

During manufacturing, these liquid oils have hydrogen bubbled through them in a process called hydrogenation to improve their texture, flavour and shelf life.

Too much fat in the diet leads to weight gain and the risk of serious health problems. It is associated with an increased risk of heart disease and some cancers. This very real fact however is not the complete picture. The bottom line is that you do need some fat in your diet to be healthy.

The real problem for consumers though, is that so many foods contain Hydrogenated Fat that it's difficult to avoid. Public pressure and choice, to go completely organic, is the only way to eliminate these bad additives.

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Organic baby food not so healthy

ORGANIC baby food is not as healthy for infants as parents believe because major manufacturers, including Cow and Gate and Heinz, are using misleading labels, consumer watchdogs warned.

Parents fearful of harming their children have sent sales of organic baby food soaring with three-in-four babies eating it regularly - and more being spent on it now than on the non-organic version. But many are deficient in essential nutrients such as iron or high in sugars.


'Spend Now Pay Later' Lifestyle

The true extent of carefree Britain's 'spend now pay later' lifestyle is revealed in a new report which shows more than 20 million people are in debt. The nation is gripped by a borrowing culture with the vast majority of those in debt showing no concern about the amount of money they owe, according to research by consumer analysts Mintel.

Almost half of all British people (44%) - around 21 million people - are currently in debt, owing money on a variety of credit and loan products, not including mortgages. While a quarter (25%) of borrowers have debts of less than £500, some eight per cent of debtors currently owe between £10,001 and £20,000, and a further 5% have borrowed more than £20,000.

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