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If only things had turned out differently.
If we were able to turn the clocks back what would we like to hear in The News?

Martin Luther King has been elected today to join Barak Obama as his aide for development and diversity in the USA. In reality this will never happen as Martin Luther King died on 4th April 1968.

Iraq - Top for Tourism
Last year's Top world holiday resort has been voted as Baghdad, in Iraq. The Iraq community have invested thousands of Dinars into creating a tourist friendly and now the most visited city in the world. The Iraq economy has grown to be equal to that of the USA and Switzerland. People go to Baghdad to experience the mix of culture, friendliness of the people, cuisine and historical architecture.

The UK economy is now so successful that the Britain is supporting famine relief for all the "third world" countries. The Prime Minister has announced that famine, hunger and poverty have now been eliminated, and low mortality rates can now be sustained with careful population control and predictive climate planning which enables the reliable planting, reaping and usage of appropriate crops.

John Lennon has agreed to stage a one-off show in Liverpool with the other 3 Beatles, George Harrison, Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr. This would have been the gig of the decade, but John Lennon was murdered on 8th December 1980 and George Harrison died of Cancer on 29th November 2001.

Michael Jackson to Play Wembley
This also would have been the gig of the decade but Micahel Jackson, the deceased King of POP died on 25th June 2009 and the show will not go on. We thought he would live forever.

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All Shook Up
Elvis Presley will be hosting the biggest party Memphis has ever seen. In August 2009 over 2,000 guests including 3 ex-US Presidents and world leaders from 25 nations, are joining with 2,000 ordinary Elvis fans to celebrate his 75th Birthday. Elvis was born 8th January 1935 and died on 16th August 1977.

The USA have thrown an open invitation to the Middle East Moslem community in 8 nations to attend free guided tours of The World Trade Centre in New York. This is in an attempt to dispel the myths and propaganda which had caused anti-western feelings. Feelings that have now been disproved only after the deaths of thousands of ill-informed terrorists, suicide bombers, innocent people and victims of terrorism. At last we have peace and a sense of working together with all races across all continents.

Eva Cassidy is playing a live concert at Wembley Stadium in June.

Drug Trade Eradicated
The global illicit drug trade has been totally eliminated and all existing drug production sources have been converted to provide products that have a positive benefit for mankind. This New Age vision replaces the multitude of old opiate businesses, which had made a few people obscenely rich but caused death, misery and wasted lives to millions of less confident people.

ORPE Successes
The world religion congress has voted in favour of the creation of the ideal One Religion for Planet Earth solution (ORPE). This will be the greatest step for mankind to reach an everlasting solution to peace, harmony and building of a new world where hunger, poverty, fighting and greed will never exist again.

If you love your world, and want to make a DIFFERENCE do a good turn for someone today.

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