Gordon Brown

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Make the ex PM's speeches more fun, play BROWN BINGO

An Honest
I'd like to
still be in the job
Utter Rubbish
That's not
quite right
I'm telling
you now
I am not
That's the media
for you
We will
help of course
David Clegg,
sorry Cameron
The reason
You will see
I was right
We are now in a
worse reccession
I will not be
dictated to
My wife is not
a celebrity
I stand by
what I said
No one wants
to pay more
Some people
will never learn
I blame
David Cameron
We are not in Reccession
I cannot
answer that
The Right
We are
having a good time
Yes, I'm Scottish
The Tories haven't got a clue
Who is Nick Clegg

How to play.

Print a copy of the playing card.

Once you hear 5 phrases that Gordon Brown mentions on TV shout "Bingo" - it's that easy.

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