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A Quarter Of ... A Quarter Of ...
The old-fashioned sweetshop. All your favourites - from flying saucers, floral gums, and sweet tobacco to shrimps, jelly beans, fudges, sherbet pips and space dust - over 600 varierties of sweets for you to savour. Great for gifts.
Green & Blacks Green & Blacks
A wide range of organic chocolate products. The site features a Bar Selection page section to create your favourite Green and Blacks bar packs. Delivery to UK addresses, the Channel Islands and British Forces Post Offices (BFPO) addresses.
Chocolate Buttons Chocolate Buttons
The place to find the sweet favourites you remember as a kid. Or try to make new discoveries from the most popular confectionery on the market today. Chocolate Buttons don't sell cheap sweets, they sell the Best Sweets at the Best Prices.
An imaginative range of gifts and ideas based on the well loved LoveHearts brand. Whether you're celebrating a birth, birthday, wedding or want a special way to tell someone how you feel, then there's no better way than to say it with sweets.
Thorntons Chocolates Thorntons
Thorntons offer the most delicious chocolate products and gifts you can imagine. Everyone loves to be spoiled by the Thorntons extravagance. A major gift and chocolate retailer, Thorntons bring you excellent offers, known for quality and indulgence.
The Chocolate Tasting Club The Chocolate Tasting Club
A unique monthly chocolate tasting experience, brought to you by Hotel Chocolat. Each month CTC create new chocolates including cutting edge and timeless classics, all made with passion, flair using only the best ingredients and no artificial colours.
Chewbz Sweets Chewbz
Retro sweet fans can find a delicious range of sweets gifts from as little as £10. Chewbz sweets range now includes retro sweet hampers, retro sweets jars and retro sweets gift boxes to give you a greater selection of retro sweets gifts.
Visit Hotel Chocolat Hotel Chocolat
British chocolatier and cocoa grower. Armed with passion and enthusiasm, they are on a journey to re-set the stakes of the chocolate market in terms of quality, variety and inspiration. They have a gorgeous range, with a touch of cheeky humour.
Cadbury Gifts Cadbury Gifts
For Birthdays and Anniversaries, or just a simple Thank You or Well Done - Cadbury makes your message special. Prices start at £10. Pick & Mix lets you create your own gift package. Repeat as many times as you like - ideal as gifts for friends.
Chocolate Trading Co.
Wide selection of premium chocolates from around the world, from over 15 leading chocolatiers. All types of chocolate are available from single origin gourmet bars to stylish assorted gift boxes and unique novelties. Next-day guaranteed gift delivery.
Funky Hampers Funky Chocolate Hampers
FunkyHampers offer great gift ideas based on Hampers for all occasions. They are unique in that they offer the widest range available for sweety type hampers, chocolate pizza's and lot's of sweet hampers. Free delivery and personalised card.
Melt Chocolates Melt Chocolates
The best chocolates in London. Handmade fresh on the premises. Melt bring all the qualities of their store and kitchens to the online store. View the range and special promotions. All chocolates are freshly picked and hand packed in luxury boxes.
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Shopping - Food and Drink - Confectionery
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Code Hot Sweets and Confectionery. Confectionery shops online. Shopping for Confectionery
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