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July 2012 : EuroPC have closed their affiliate scheme

Europc is one of the largest suppliers of discounted, surplus and factory refurbished computer equipment in the UK. With over 15,000 trade, corporate, educational and government accounts and a forecast annual turnover of $25 million their success is based on the low price of the brand name stock they sell, along with the excellent, ongoing customer service and support from dedicated and experienced staff.

They buy in bulk and sell direct to pass the savings on to you. These discounts allow you to replace, expand or upgrade your IT equipment more often, letting you take advantage of the rapid advancements in computer technology, keeping you up to date and ahead of everyone else. EuroPC offer PC buyers a genuine value alternative to overpriced competitors coupled to a unique, personal touch rarely found in a market of limited choice and inadequate support. Specialising in individual, compatible systems their tailor made service is focused on meeting the needs of every client. Europc want to stay on top of an industry that never stands still and well ahead of their competitors.

The UK's Largest Outlet for Clearance Stock with 1000's of PCs and Laptop computers for Home and Business. Everything comes with a full warranty, lowest price guarantee and next day delivery.

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