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YesAsia are a formiddable world-class supplier of entertainment products based on asian culture and lifestyle.

Asian countries covered include China, Korea, Japan, Taiwan and also Western countries. The product range covers DVDs, Blu-Ray, games for all major consoles, music, movies and anime. Plus electronics and gifts, toys and hobbies, dolls, model kits and books in Japanese and Chinese.

Established in 1998, has emerged as the leading Internet source for Asian entertainment products. With quality service, a user-friendly interface, culture-specific content, fresh new releases, and a comprehensive selection of products, is a favorite of Asian entertainment lovers worldwide.

Quality Service, Continuous Improvement is a leader in customer service, to offer better browsing and shopping they continually enhance and expand their selection of products, improve the usability and friendliness of the YesAsia website, upgrade its user information systems and endeavours to improve customer service and reduce delivery completion time.

To provide a bigger and better service for its worldwide customers, has tailored its website for different cultures through the localisation of languages, content, design, and product offerings.

By emphasizing quality services and products, has become highly ranked by its customers and is continually growing, acquiring new fans while simultaneously retaining existing customers who have made their preferred online retail store. offers different shipping options, all of which are efficient and reliable. They currently feature a free shipping promotion, enabling you to save even more.
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Online Service   YES - Secure Online store
Product Range   DVD, Games and Entertainment
UK Customers   YES
International   YES
Delivery Charges   Free International and UK Delivery
Currency   Pounds Stirling
Site Rating   9 / 10
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