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BaseKit makes it easy to create, publish and host websites if you have no technical expertise, with no install or download required. It will cost you around £5 per month for a professional, fully functioning website.

Website design
Put your designs online with no coding necessary. BaseKit allows you to create and manage your web pages from the comfort of your browser, with hosting included and the ability to add your own domain names. BaseKit is used by businesses, web designers, clubs, charities, individuals - in fact, by anybody who wants a hassle-free and affordable website.

Business websites
Don't waste valuable time and resources building a website. BaseKit offers ready made templates so you do not need any design or technical experience to build an exceptional webpage or e-commerce site.

BaseKit lets you create and design a template using your own Photoshop design or one of 100+ professionally designed themes. You can add functionality on the way, through simple drag and drop.
Website builder. Whether you're a skilled web designer or an amateur web enthusiast, BaseKit website builder offers an excellent service. BaseKit offers domain name publication, hosting and a state of the art content management system all under one digital roof.
Site Features
Online Service   YES - Secure Online store
Product Range   Web site design and hosting
UK Customers   YES
International   NO
Delivery Charges   Free UK Delivery
Currency   Pounds Stirling
Site RATING   9 / 10
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