January 2012
SeaFrance in liquidation after a government bailout was ruled illegal under EU law.

SeaFrance has been purchased by Eurotunnel and branded MyFerryLink


MyFerryLink took over the reins from SeaFrance when they went out of business in January 2012, with the purchase of three ships and assets of SeaFrance by Eurotunnel.


French ferry firm SeaFrance went into official liquidation on Monday after the European commission ruled a bailout by the French government was illegal. A French court said the offer of a buyout by a co-operative of company employees was neither viable nor acceptable.

It follows months of speculation about SeaFrance's future and several failed rescue plans. The French government had said it would put €200m (£165m) into the company but this was deemed illegal under European Union rules.

The closure comes as a political blow to French leader Nicolas Sarkozy four months from a presidential election in which he is expected to seek a second term in office. Sarkozy told a press conference in Germany, where he was meeting chancellor Angela Merkel, that his government was working on plans to revive the firm.

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