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Toyboy Flirt is a UK based Online Dating Site that specialises in matching up "toyboys" with older women. The definition of a Toyboy is a male who is significantly younger than his female partner. Many men in the UK tend to be attracted to older ladies. This is possobly due to the fact that older females are often very sexually experienced, with enough patience to guide a less experienced young man through his first steps at romance and love-making. Many women are let down in their relationships so far - either by an under-performing man who can't keep up with their sex drive, or men who have cheated on them and gone off with young girls. In todays society older women know what they want and go out and get it.

So guys, it's pay back time - and young, handsome men are very much in demand on the UK dating scene.

Toyboy Flirt is a unique site and it's free for everyone to join. The clever bit is that women can get 100% full membership and don't have to pay any fees at all - unlike the boys who can join for free, but have to pay to use all the site's dating features optionally. It's clever because the site is overflowing with older women.

The site is secure and safe to use, with lots of special features to help your dating experience go smoothly.
Toyboy Flirt 
Site Features
Online Service   YES - Secure Online Dating
Product Range   UK Online Dating site for Toyboys
UK Customers   YES
International   NO
Delivery Charges   n/a UK Only
Currency   Pounds Stirling
Site Rating   9 / 10
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