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The problem with so many dating sites is that they only show you people who live on the other side of the world. Thanks to, who are USA based, and run some of the most popular dating sites, they are now geared up to help UK singles who are looking for other UK singles.

You can sign-up for UK Friend Finder FREE and start looking for someone in the same Town, or even the same Street as you. That's got to be more effective, and gives you a much better chance to actually see and feel someone in the flesh. (Online Dating is great, but you can't exactly hold someone in your arms).

There are over 3 Million members - they must be doing something right.. You can find someone local to you, but still search the whole wide world if that's what you're after.
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Online Service   YES - Secure Online site
Product Range   UK Online Dating
UK Customers   YES
International   YES
Cost   Free Membership (optional upgrade possible)
Currency   Pounds Stirling
Site Rating   9 / 10
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