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Welcome to the Code Hot Shopping page for The Car Buying Service.

The Car Buying Service was established in 2012. Since then thousands of customers have chosen to sell their car with CBS because they gave them a great deal more. The Car Buying Service are not the biggest, so they really want to be the best. That’s why they are committed to doing a great deal more for customers.

Before the company was launched the CBS took the time to ask lots of people their thoughts on selling a car. They listened to their good experiences, their bad experiences, what they expected and what they didn't - all so CBS could get a view of what they really want. Unsurprisingly, they found that people just want to be able to sell their car with confidence, for a fair and guaranteed price. That was it.

So that's what CBS offer. Now The Car Buying Service are bringing honesty and transparency to online car buying, with the reassurance and control that customers want. They want to be fair, accurate and assured that suggested prices are guaranteed. So the price a user sees online is the price they get with no sneaky admin fees taken off.

The Car Buying Service offer same day payment at no extra charge, and because they’re all about people, have a dedicated Customer Service team who are on the end of the phone 6 days a week to answer all questions. The Car Buying Service's friendly local drop-off centres are located in convenient, easy to reach locations that sellers can trust.

The Car Buying Service 
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