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Sicily Holiday Home is an invaluable guide to one of the most popular destinations in the Mediterranean.

Holiday Homes Sicily offer a wide choice of self catering holiday homes, apartments and villas around the great resorts and towns of Sicily. You can get the most out of a holiday in Sicily if you hire a car - car rentals >>>

Situated on the southern edge of Europe, Sicily feels like a whole continent in one island. Discover ancient cities, Greek temples, and volcanic islands. You can stand on a crater's edge and gaze in to Etna's cauldron or get your share of fun and sun on the best beaches on Sicily.

Once you have found your chosen destination you can instantly book the holiday homes with just a few clicks. Whether you look for fine art, natural wonders or just want to get off the beaten track and taste the local cuisine, Sicily Holiday Homes is the perfect partner for your holiday plans.

Sicily Holiday Homes offers a wide selection of quality holiday homes in over 20 locations all over Sicily from Cefal├╣ to Mondello and San Vito lo Capo to Fontane Bianche. Sicily is a land of contrasts, of beauty and mystery. It is the land where you can have a refreshing bath after skiing in the high mountains and taste the best variety of seafood while chatting with friendly people. No matter if you plan a family holiday, a weekend getaway or want to enjoy winter sports in Sicily Sicily Holiday Homes can offer you the best holiday parks and apartments in Sicily.

You can spend time visiting the Greek temples, Roman amphitheaters, Norman and Arab castles exploring Sicily just as you like. Enjoy the heavenly beaches, admire the colorful countryside, climb the majestic mountains and see the unique natural wonder of Europe, the Etna Mountain. The great adventures in Sicily are affordable for everyone using Sicily Holiday Homes close to the most important attractions and resorts.

Sicily is triangular in shape and was named Trinacria (three points) by the Greeks. It is surrounded by a number of small islands; the Aeolian Islands and Ustica on the north, Egadi to the west and the Pelagie and Pantelleria Island on the south. This land is ideal for hiking, biking, snorkeling and diving and charms the visitor with ancient ruins, lively towns and an exclusive food and wine selection.

The weather of Sicily is typically Mediterranean with hot and dry summers and mild, short winters, a perfect destination even for Christmas holidays. In summer the inland and the larger cities are very hot and humid, so the best places to stay are the coast line or the green and cool upper regions. The southern and western coasts are the closest to Africa and the sirocco winds carry hot and dusty air. Sicily Holiday Homes, apartments and villas in Sicily are ideally furnished for families and equipped with air conditioning.

The landscape and climate variety throughout the island has created rich and colorful plantlife. Subtropical and African species mix with plants often seen in the northern parts of Europe. You are welcome to spend time outdoors, enjoying the nature in Sicily. Much of the plant life was brought here by the great conquerors. Greeks and Phoenicians planted vines, olives, figs, the Arabs introduced dates, lemons, almonds and bitter orange. Sweet oranges arrived with the Portuguese. The great forests that once covered Sicily have all been cut over the centuries so the coastal areas are planted with citrus orchards, vineyards and olive groves.

The higher regions feature lavender, cork oaks, fichus, cedar, palms, chestnut trees and oleanders. Our holiday homes provide a convenient and comfortable base for exploring these beautiful surroundings. The island's fauna has been affected by the gradual deforestation during the centuries. Big mammals have totally disappeared but wildcats, rabbits, martens, squirrels and wild boars can be traced in natural reserves around the island. Some of our holiday homes in Sicily are just a few minutes away from these reserves.

The different foreign dominations over the island and the separation from Italy have created a different mentality in the people of Sicily. They consider themselves descendants of the early inhabitants and the peoples who colonized this island. The Sicilian language is a derivation from the informal Latin mixed with Greek, Arab, Spanish, French and German. The population over 5 million is concentrated around the two major cities of Sicily: Palermo and Catania.
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