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The Lonely Planet

There's a lot of uncharted territory out there in cyberspace, but Lonely Planet have built a nice little universe dedicated entirely to travel and travellers. Lonely Planet's ever-expanding digital team look after this travel cosmos, pooling independent advice and information from their staff and the global travel community.

Each month over five million travellers visit LonelyPlanet.com.

So why do they go to Lonely Planet?
To get hardcore about travel. To dream about it, plan it, book it and talk about it. They go there to shop, to read features, to listen to podcasts, to enter competitions, to watch videos, to swap stuff. They go to find a job, share advice, read reviews… Think of LonelyPlanet.com as someone to bounce ideas off during every stage of your travel experience.

Can't decide where you want to go?
Lonely Planet's Destinations pages cover thousands of cities and countries that will fire your imagination. Lonely Planet photo galleries can whet your appetite even further. Then it's off to the online Shop, where you'll find all the guidebooks, downloads and other juicy bargains to help firm up your plans. ‘Lonely Planet's Thorn Tree… [is] one of the best places to seek out advice on a wide range of travelling issues’ The Guardian (UK). If you want to get down to the real nitty-gritty, Thorn Tree, the online bulletin board, is the forum for exchanging travel advice and opinion with other travellers. Bluelist is teeming with user-recommended travel experiences, while the Comet e-newsletter is where it's at for travel gossip and discounts.

Now your plans are really gathering steam and you're thinking about where to stay. Enter Lonely Planet's Haystack. Haystack is an innovation in online accommodation booking, with author-reviewed accommodation that is second to none in both depth of coverage and range of options. Then you need to lock in some flights, insurance and get a brand spanking new backpack - and you'll find all of these in our Travel Services section. And on Classifieds, you can find a travel partner, a second-hand surfboard and a short-term job to keep you going even longer.

LonelyPlanet.com is a network of connections between travellers. It's also a connection between travellers and Lonely Planet; all bound by a passion for hitting the road. It's a big world, but Lonely Planet try to cover it all.


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